11 Vaseline lips therapy

Vaseline lips therapy

Vaseline lips therapy

100% Pure Vaseline Lip Balm Petroleum Jelly Natural Moisturizing Cream Original Cocoa butter Crème Brule Balsam lip moisturizer


     Brand New & High quality.
     Portable size, easy to carry.
     Suitable for professional use or home use.

Product details:

·          Lip Balm Tins help to lock in moisture for beautiful, healthy lips

·         Tins give lips a natural, glossy shine

·         Provide long-lasting miniaturization and lip care

·         Clinically proven to help heal and prevent dry lips by locking in moisture

·         Choose from original, rose, aloe, and cocoa butter scented lip balm

·         Non-sticky, non-greasy formula, suitable for regular use


How to use:

       Dip your finger into the tin and scoop out just enough to cover the tip. Spread across dry lips until absorbed as needed. Enjoy this powerful lip reliever as it locks in your lips' natural moisture and relieves discomfort.

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