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Concord Gas Cooker SGBSS99-GS5

concord Gas Cooker SGBSS99-GS5·       5 Sabaf Burner Made in Italy·       Glass Lid·       Double knob for Oven·       Oven & Grill·       Timer ·   &n..


concord Air Condition ACM-10

Model : ACM-10 Split Room Air Condition 3 meter pipes Indoor and Outdoor Units Environmental Friendly Tropical Performance Cooling Capacity : 9000 BTU Heating Capacity: 9500 BTU In Door Dimensions(cm): 71 x 18.9 x 25 (WxDxH) Out Door Dimensions(cm):68.5 x 26 x 43 (WxDxH) Toshiba Compressor...

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